Children’s Dental Hospital Gone Green

At the Children’s Dental Hospital we strive to provide a health-promoting environment to the families and communities we serve. Going green was an important step in that direction.

  • We use energy-efficient light bulbs and motion sensors. This helps in reduction in greenhouse gases which lead to climate change.
  • We use less harmful (nontoxic) surface disinfectants to clean and sterilize.
  • We only use tooth-colored instead of silver amalgam fillings. This help with reduction of mercury and other heavy metals into the water system.
  • We exclusively use electronic and digital charting. We are completely paperless! This means fewer trees needed for paper, improvement in water systems and landfills by eliminating toxic x-ray development chemicals and lead foils.
  • Patient communication and appointment reminders are sent via e-mail or text messaging, rather than through the mail.
  • An additional benefit of the digital patient record is the security of knowing that all of your financial and patient data is protected, even if the office is destroyed by fire, flood, tornado, or earthquake.
  • In addition to doing our part in saving the planet, implementing these technologies has the added benefits of saving time and money, improving diagnostic ability, and increasing the safety of patient records.
  • We read product labels. We check out the ingredients of the dental products we recommend, making sure they don’t include sodium sulphate, alcohol or titanium dioxide.
  • We incorporate aromatherapy. We use hand sanitizers and soaps that incorporate essential oils that are calming to our patients, helping them relax and prepare for a healing experience in our facilities.
  • Latex-free gloves, PBA-free sealants, and gluten-free materials are available for patients that are allergic.

At the Children’s Dental Hospital we have gone GREEN. We aim to reduce waste and pollution, save energy and water, and incorporate high tech innovations that lead to a healthier planet.

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