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Why Choose A Children’s Dentist Marine Park

Choosing the best dentist for your child isn’t always easy for a parent. So, why choose a dentist specifically for kids? Here are several reasons why finding a pediatric dentist for your child is certainly the best decision for your child’s dental treatment. Pediatric Dentists Make Visiting the Dentist Fun Pediatric dental offices are colorful

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Top Rated Childrens Dentist In East Flatbush

When you bring your child to CDH, you’ll find that comfort, health, and knowledge are our main goals. The expert children’s dentists at CDH are dedicated to providing children with top quality pediatric dental treatment in a friendly, comfortable, and welcoming setting. The dentists have years of experience in helping kids get beautiful smiles with

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Five Ways to Prevent Childhood Cavities

A person’s mouth is naturally protected by saliva which has minerals that help prevent cavities, the continuous flow of saliva also helps to keep teeth clean. This is also true for children. When your child consumes a lot of starches or sugars, however, they combine with the bacteria in your mouth and create acids that

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Preparing For Your Childs Cavity Filling

Dental appointments are often scary for many kids, particularly when they need to go for a cavity filling. Here are some tips from pediatric dental professionals on getting your child through the procedure: Answer questions – If your child asks about what will happen during the procedure, you should provide some honest details: tell them

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Kids First Dental Visit

New parents often wonder when to schedule their child’s first dental appointment It is recommended that your child has their first dental visit by their first birthday. Many parents are surprised that such early dental visits are recommended. However, studies have shown that preschool-aged children are developing more cavities in their teeth. Over 1 in

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Choosing The Right Pediatric Dentist

Whether your child has only a few newly-sprouted teeth or already has a mouthful of permanent adult teeth, routine dental care with a dentist your child is comfortable with is crucial. This helps ensure that he or she maintains healthy teeth and gums during their growth. When choosing your child’s pediatric dentist, you’ll want to

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The Pediatric Dentist and The New Dental Home

Originally created as the center of a child’s medical records, and specifically for persons with special health care needs, the Medical Home was expanded to include all infants, children, and adolescents as well. With evolving health care perspectives, a modern Dental Home is a cultivated partnership between the patient, family, and pediatric dentist in cooperation

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